Michael Stars Showroom - Chelsea
  Italian Food Center - Little Italy    Collaboration with   Meltzer/Costa & Associates  2010-2013   After its ownership changed hands in 2010, the building’s new owner quickly decided to redefine the Italian Food Center’s identity by challenging the more traditional models and menus embraced by nearby cafes and eateries in Manhattan’s historic Little Italy.   Designed to celebrate the building’s historical context as well as its position at the vanguard of a new generation of businesses in Lower Manhattan, the 5000 square-foot restaurant was completely renovated with an emphasis on salvaged and upcycled materials as well as bespoke fixtures and furniture.   Working directly with the head chef as he developed the restaurant’s bold new menu, the BSDB design team expanded the Italian Food Center to feature two bars, an open kitchen, public wine cellar, interactive storage, an extended sidewalk cafe, and custom lighting throughout. Positioned in one of the densest sections of Lower Manhattan, the new IFC was designed to increase efficiency and enable a renewed sense of place.  Photographs by  Michael Imlay   and   Nick Belton
  Eco Laundry - Chelsea    Collaboration with Torsten Schaursbach   2011-2012    The second branch of a budding global franchise, The Eco Laundry Company’s NYC location is situated in the heart of Chelsea on Manhattan’s West Side. Dedicated to reducing their clients’ carbon footprints, the boutique laundry storefront was designed with the same environmentally conscious standards employed by the company’s owners.    In addition to using appliances that require considerably less water and electricity per load as well as biodegradable soaps and detergents, the 2500 square foot space is fully equipped with recycled steel surfaces, energy efficient fluorescent lighting, and organic linoleum flooring throughout.    Dealing extensively with mechanical services, utility connections, and fabricating custom fixtures and furnishings, the BSDB design team worked directly with the NYC Environmental Control Board and Con-Ed to help the Eco Laundry Company’s owners realize their environmentally conscious boutique storefront.  Photographs by  Jean Calleja