SoHo Penthouse
  Williamsburg Loft   2014   Positioned at a critical point along the burgeoning Williamsburg Waterfront, the 1000 square foot loft space was redesigned to celebrate its site and surrounding context. With stunning views of Lower Manhattan, the Williamsburg Bridge, and the Upper Bay of New York, the BSDB design team carefully chose materials and finishes that reference the waterfront’s industrial history.   To realize a more cohesive design, inspiration was taken from the surrounding architecture and deployed as a series of gestures in various scales and applications. Bespoke kitchen cabinetry was fabricated and finished to age and strengthen over time while subway tiles were carefully arranged in the kitchen to allude to the surrounding buildings’ brick bond patterns.  Throughout the loft, materials were finished to grow richer as they age. Among the most prominently featured moments in the space, an exposed steel column between the kitchen and living room was treated to develop thin layers of patina over time, embracing the material’s inherent qualities as well as the site’s historically industrial character.   Photographs by  Nick Belton
  Tribeca Loft   2013-2014   Situated in the heart of Manhattan’s historic Tribeca, the design of this 1500 square foot single-family loft embraced the urban issue of density at a smaller scale. The design team at BSDB quickly realized that in order to maximize the unit’s occupiable space, the layout would have to focus on the spatial relationship between light and surface materiality.    Employing a variety of finishes throughout the loft to distinguish each of its distinct programs, the scheme was ultimately unified by the intrinsic characteristics of the materials. Rich maple cabinetry and thick slabs of Carrara marble and travertine were installed in the main living spaces to engage the warm northern light. Moroccan marble floor tiles were applied in both bathrooms alongside custom white millwork and frosted glass windows, allowing soft light to flood both spaces.  By thoughtfully engaging the relationships between spaces, materials, and lighting, the renovation effectively activated every inch of square footage in the loft space.   Photographs by  Nick Belton
  SoHo Penthouse   2014   Positioned in Lower Manhattan’s bustling cultural district, the renovation of the SoHo Penthouse focused on shaping an environment free of clutter. Employing a minimal material palate, the design team at BSDB used bold lines and silhouettes to engage movement in the space.  The bent Corian vanity, the room’s focal centerpiece, was fashioned around an Italian made Boffi washbasin and an LED backlit wall panel. The elegant lines forming the vanity remain consistent throughout the space as crisp tile work and glass partitions intersect, unifying the room with a minimal and deliberate application of materials and fixtures.
  Nolita Loft   2014    
  Sutton Studio   2014